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A smooth ride for even your bank account

Buying any of our vehicles on finance means paying for your purchase in small monthly instalments spread over time.

You can arrange your re-payment plan however you like:
Your initial payment, known as a deposit or down payment, can be as little as £100 or any larger amount that suits you and you can also choose to pay the rest of the cost over any length of time from 12 months to 5 years!Use the calculators below to work out a re-payment plan that suits you best.

Even after submitting your finance application, you are not in any way obligated to go ahead with it, you can still change the figures or withdraw entirely.

The interest rate is set at 8% PAF (Per Annum Flat).


You can apply online
You can simply complete our online finance proposal form below and we’ll get back to you within 2 working days.

Once you’ve been approved to buy on finance you can purchase the car that you want – with absolute confidence!

If you have any questions please call us:

01534 85 24 64 or 077 977 477 61


Finance Calculators

Use the calculators below to help you work out the best finance arrangement for you; just enter an amount, over how many months, and your deposit (the minimum is just £100) and it’ll calculate your monthly payments. Adjust until you’re happy then you can simply enter those figures into the finance form to get approval.

Standard Finance Calculator

Vehicle price (£)
Period (months)
Interest rate (%)
 8% PAF (Per Annum Flat)
Down Payment (£)
Monthly Payment (inclusive of interest)
Relative Cost (Weekly)
Relative Cost (Daily)

Reverse Finance Calculator

Monthly amount you'd like to pay (experiment to see results) (£)
Period (months)
Interest rate (%)
 8% PAF (Per Annum Flat)
Initial Down Payment (Deposit) - Min £100 (£)
Spending Total
Relative Cost (Weekly)
Relative Cost (Daily)

You can apply now online

Please begin by providing name, living circumstance, and contact details.